Saturday, July 26, 2008


Manjri translated in Marathi is 'Cats'.


A place or a person, a feeling or a memory. Innocence sublime. Perfection personified.

We yearn for a moment of absolute tranquillity where happiness reigns. Being frivolous by nature, this happiness is gone before we know it, then we feel stripped of the constant pleasure of much yearned euphoria. 

I feel that those moments are not lost entirely, they are just transferred to another entity. Lost to us , gained by another, fleeting in its existence, its a taste that can only sweeten the tip of the tongue. We want to consume it forever, but alas it must leave to salivate another mouth. 

Me and the 3 boys  had the same experience in our short encounter in Manjri. We will remember this moment forever, and yet forget it just as easily. This feeling must continue to pass itself on around the world. 

Innocence sublime, perfection personified. 

It does exist, yours for a second, somebody else's for the next, with its short term visits to every single being.  

The day I met 3 boys at the crematorium in a village called Manjri. 

It happens only in India

I was driving around town, shooting a story on the Indian roads. I came across a crowd of people gathered to watch some unexpected event that they chanced upon, not an unusual sight at all. To add to the myriad of curious eyes, I parked on the side and contributed to the unnecessary  gathering mass of people. There, sat a frustrated employee of the Pune Snake Park, begging the useless lot with too much time to spare, to 'please leave', as he was trying to catch a snake! Since the 'public' would not budge the snake would not emerge. 
After 15 mins of inactivity, the bored public left and then out came a terrified rat snake! 
Here are the events that followed 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heal, Repair and Re-hurt

A minor accident in Staten Island, 2 in Brooklyn and 1 in Pune on the same spot would do it to you. A fractured toe to teach you a lesson or two about not dreaming while walking. 

So you call the doctor,  put a bandage, get well again, and make sure you wear closed shoes, and not fight with the buffaloes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DON'T TAKE PUNGA AKA Don't Mess with Me

The cows and buffaloes are not getting along! Tragedy at 8 in the morning

In Retrospect

New York City: Ladies and Gentlemen, Deviyo aur Sajjanno : This is a shoe!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monsoon, Government and Chai

Heading back to the farm, the monsoon is posing to be violent, but is hiding right now.

The Government is under the threat of being toppled by nuclear deal discrepencies

The sweet smell of the earth is effervescent of this wonderful season
The Western Ghats are covered with landslide protectors
Me, its the farm , chai and family as we discuss Left or Right, Congress or BJP and watch everything turn green.