Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Law, the Agent and Confusion of Nothingness....

"It is a perversion of language to assign any law, as the efficient, operative cause of any thing. A law presupposes an agent; for it is only the mode, according to which an agent proceeds it implies a power: for it is the order, according to which that power acts. Without this agent, without this power, which are both distinct from itself, the law does nothing; is nothing.”
- William Paley Natural Theology

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Special message for a special someone who is embarking on a great journey....

..currently fast asleep in DC.

There is, indeed, a distinction between creative art and visionary art. It parallels the difference between the artist who is an observer, or reporter, and one who is a participant in the creative process - a matter of investment or soul involvement. 

All artists are able to display their craft without the exertion and engagement that marks a performance from the soul. An artist can simply project his or her persona while remaining detached from the performance and the audience. But if you are "working sounds" - if you are involved in something that engages you; confronting your own prejudices, fears, and limitations, rather than merely presenting what you already know, feeling your own discomfort and taking that discomfort into the terrain where the truth exposes you- then you are quite possibly in the territory of the vision. You are close to grasping the mystery of the healing. You are then, only then, within the reach of the gift that you can bring back to the world.
- Cultural Pilgrimages and Metaphoric Journey by Suzanne Lacy.

All the best!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Encounters with an Apsara

She lands atop the Western Ghats reveling in their vastness, eyeing the river beneath relishing her newly acquired physical avatar in her wild mustard grandeur. “How this river ebbs and flows saturating the valley with its natural elegance” she contemplates. 

Meanwhile a wanderer chances upon this ravishing rhetorical beauty, he is instantly smitten. “What an uncommon sight to see a princess all by herself by this Shiva temple, she must be an Apsara” he thinks.


Her beauty bathes him in magical light, as he finds himself at her feet in the humble worship of her enchantment. She cringes in pleasure upon his touch, her awkward hand revealing the effect of this admiration on her transcendental being. Unable to maintain the calm demeanor that physical beings master, the clouds beckon with tropical thunder and this celestial nymph is soon distracted as  charismatic mist surpasses the moment.

She is after all a free element of the volatile whole.  Suddenly her bare feet accelerated by the slippery moss ejects her into the very oblivion that made her. Her mogra scented hair leaves the lovelorn wanderer reminiscent of the extravagance of her enigma. She slips away no sooner than she appears and he remains lost merely dreaming of the prior moment. 

Hours go by, still tantalized by her enrapture, he goes to the gomukh to find refuge in the very water in which her existence flows. 
In this way at least he will be able to feel her touch again.

(Apsara :Goddess of Clouds and Water)