Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exposéfy – Not_UB_1228, 1486 & 1853

What makes a photograph perfect? Can the changing perspective of the photographer add meaning in a way a single photograph cannot? Does the varied focus disrupt the integral harmony/disharmony of the image? How do the feet, finger, mind, mood or every fleeting instance alter the outcome of a single frame captured in time and space?


The image-maker engages so many permutations and combinations to finally end up with one outstanding frame - the ‘money shot’, like I did to make UB 1228, UB 1486 and UB 1853. I am unable to share/exhibit these by law because I have signed off my rights to those images (for a minuscule sum), but what remains in my possession is the journey taken to attain those winning money-fetching shots. The many parts of a un-viewable whole.


In this exposé of process and position, the colors highlight the subject in motion within the frame as well as the relative perspective of the frame in motion.

Exposéfy – Not_UB_1228, 1486 & 1853 is a documentation of quotidian activities that the modern woman is continually becoming unaccustomed to in changing India. This installation of consecutive frames is a memory game of continuity in content as well as form.


Each series is presented in the order they were shot. The sequence of action in these processes are vital parts of the image documented. And the installation as a whole is a present participle. These activities photographed in the rural areas of Maharashtra, and are specific to their region, thus their authentic Marathi names with a modern twang is an accurate representation of this project. I the modern woman is classifying this image/series of actions/culture on the verge of antiquity. Therefore, Pakhadofying, Zhatkofying, Bharofying, and Dhaarkadofying are the names of the individual series.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Your last wish...

Bushan....sorry this is a little late...too late....

2 promises....Neelima was supposed to feed you her biryani and I was supposed to share these photos of our wonderful shoot together. 

So here they are

I have learnt that life is more fragile than you know....

Visions of you placing rice grains with a tweeser will forever be imprinted in my mind....

Today your life is valued at the immense effort and contributions you have made through your work...

And just so you know, your efforts were never wasted, you perfectionist.... 

 You will always be a part of the Ku Kooch Ku team.....

And I hope that you see the results of your hard work through some ethereal friend

May your Soul Rest in Peace

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ironic daze...

Contemplations on the borrowed dreams of lack and loss... vacuums and vortexes... unsaid words... misunderstood concepts .... lost connections ... mispronounced expression ... unreceived mails ..... and death of joy. On very ironic days.... such as today. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gallatin Hollywood Fringe Festival

Conversation Pieces will be performed again, this time with Nene as a live dancer, as Eriko cannot make it!!!

We need as much support as possible!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who's Positive.....

 Bob Marley chillin over photographers at the exhibition of Who's Positive? at The High Spirits, Pune. 


....Who’s Positive? is a project initiated by Wake Up Pune and funded by Ruby Hall Clinic, in collaboration with Sahara Aalhad and artist Shraddha Borawake. The participants of the workshop were a mixture of people living with HIV/AIDS as well as their care-workers and other volunteers.

Poster design by Waylon D'Mello

On the first of the 2 daylong sessions, the participants were asked to photograph their fears. These images were put into outlines of 2 bodies.

Like, fear of snakes...

Or the image of finding your dead brothers body in a train accident many years ago imprinted in your mind!!!

On day 2 the same was done with images of hope. There were many volunteers who helped all the participants realise an image of a phrase in their mind. 

"Id like to hold my future in my own hands, where I have adopted my own children, work hard and have a family." 

"Be free and happy all the time!" 

As a result 2 pieces were formulated depicting the difference between a body full of fear and one full of hope.

Wake Up Pune is an NGO dedicated to spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS.  

Pictoral body maps are a way through which one is able to depict their latent emotions. Oftentimes emotions that lurk beneath the surface prevent people from confronting their fears and aspirations. This exercise offered them a roadmap to express the tension they either consciously or sub-consciously hold on to.

Sahara Aalhad is a centre for rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS care.

HIV and other life long sexually transmitted disease victims are extremely painful to observe. To be around an idea and concept that it is just one moment, that can turn your life around, it is just one infected needle that can put you in a life full of terminal challenges, it is just one bad decision or lonely night that can make you a victim or perpetrator of contracting or passing on an infection. Being around that kind of impending doom, is only for strong people. And I was eternally impressed by those folk- the care-workers, who work with the infected lot, shunned by society, malnourished, abandoned and ailing individuals, who have a life long path of struggle for their health, physical as well as mental. Therefore, this workshop attempted to divide the two. A positive and negative mind, and the difference between a body full of fear and a body full of hope. 

Love yourself, and dont let you body take the brunt EVER of any deep and dark mental wanderings, because, all you have is this body. Once ruined, you cannot turn back time.